Coming To Stay …

…isn’t possible for the time being

From now—August 2019—and for an estimated two years, the Community is undertaking a major building project. We are vacating most of the Convent, with Sisters living nearby in rented accommodation. We are sorry that we aren’t able to offer hospitality during this time, and are not taking any further bookings.

The development is designed to make our property better suited to the needs of the Community, of those who work for us—and of our visitors. We look forward to a building which is more ‘gathered together’ with a greater sense of enclosure; and with new possibilities for retreatants. Guests will be able to make more use of the Library, the way to Chapel from the new bungalows will no longer go past our array of wheelie bins, and the architects have paid special attention to ease of access.

Look on our News and Events page for progress reports.

“Let all guests that come be received like Christ”
The Rule of Saint Benedict