Monastic Enclosure …

Our way of life is sometimes referred to as ‘enclosed’, and misheard as ‘closed’. The reason for staying within the boundaries of our property, unless there is a good reason for going out, is to preserve and deepen prayer. We affirm that God is here, that we are within the life of the Holy Trinity, and we try to remain centred and present to him. Having an area which is set apart for the community’s use is also a reminder of the hiddenness of our life.

But we have to recognise that we are not self-sufficient, materially or spiritually. We depend very much on people coming to us, and there are occasions when we go out ourselves. Modern technology too can bring the world right into the convent, and we do our best to discern how to interpret and apply the tradition of enclosure to present-day circumstances.

“From him we all come, in him we are all enclosed, into him we are all going…”
Julian of Norwich: A revelation of Love,
translated by John Skinner